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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My January Vellvette Box

Today I am in a super mood in updating my blog... So I'll be sharing with you all my January Vellvette Box. This was My 1st box and not to be very frank I am not happy with it. I was very excited to see other bloggers showing their Boxes every month. So this January I decided to subscribe my box for just 1 month trial. I really speculated for almost everyday what luxury bands I would receive and started my countdown after the 3rd week of January. I received my box on 28th January and was a bit dissapointed by seeing my box, so didnt feel like sharing with you all ASAP. Althouh better late than never.

This time the box came wrapped in a golden ribbon, but unfortunately I lost it, so cannot show you.
Inside there are small pieces of hard papers describing each product details and prices, one personalised card stating the products in the box and another discount coupons...

So here's my box...

So here are my products

O.P.I. Nail Varnish - Vampsterdam
I am wearing the same Nail Polish in the pic.
(I didn't want any nail polish in my box. I was more dissapointed with this polish because it chipped off within 1 day. Even the local brand nail polishes doesn't chip off within 1 day)

Clinique Clarifying Lotion - 2
(This is basically a toner and the only product in the box that I love)

Nayassa Belgian Chocolate Body Scrub
(Though it smells delicious but that doesnot mean I like it. The Quantity is too less and I think it will get over in only one application for full body)

So I was in two minds whether to subscribe for the February Vellvette Box or not.. and finally made up my mind not to subscribe. 

Would love to hear what you got in your box. 

Bye and See you soon... take care .. Lots of love...  


  1. Hey dear, plzz review about the scrub..

  2. ya they don't look great.. but they sent a mail saying the feb box will be a valentine special thing so i subscribed to it.. let's see if it turns out to be special enough or not.

  3. did u receive the feb one? I am curious.