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Friday, 18 January 2013

Lotus Pure Colors: Carnation

As promised in my previous post here  I am back with a review on one of the 3 lipsticks. All the 3 lipsticks that I bought are soft/ regular/ office ear shades. This is my 1st lotus lipstick from any range. This was totally an impulsive buy. I was just doing my round of window shopping :P and suddenly decided to have a look at the Lotus counter. I told them to show me colors from the lower range first. They were mostly showing too bright or dull colors and insisted me to see the higher range for more color options. But suddenly this color caught my fancy and I ended up buying.

Price: Rs. 245 for 4.2 g.

About the shade:

The shade in the bullet looks like redish orange. But on lips it looks much lighter. The shade is a beautiful mixture of orange and red. We bengalis usually call this shade as "doodh a alta" i.e the color we get when we mix red and white together. As I said when you look at the shade in the bullet it might look a bit dark for office but when applied on the lips it looks perfect. It's a bit sheer on the lips but is buildable. Overall this shade can be worn easily on a day as well as evening outing.

The texture of the lipstick is very soft and creamy. When I came back home and tried the colorbar and this lipstick back to back, I could clearly understand the difference in the texture. The texture of this has a glossy finish. It being creamy, hence it is also very moisturising. A lip balm underneath the lipstick is not necessary unless you have chapped lips.

Staying Power:
As the lipstick is creamy enough, it is not really a long stay color. On the 1st day, I wore the lipstick with a lip liner underneath, it lasted on me for like 3 hrs with just tea in between. I wore it in the morning at around 9 o'clock and when I checked at around 1 pm it was like completely gone leaving behind a light hint.     

  • Lovely Shade
  • Affordable
  • Availability
  • Moisturising

Not So Goods:
  • Staying Power
  • Tend to bleed

Take Care... Bye... And see you soon...


  1. nice review. Do you have peach creme from the same range?If Yes then please do a comparison on the shades.

  2. Thanks..
    As I mentioned in the post that this is my 1st lipstick from lotus, so yet to try other shades.