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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Handicraft Fair @ Kolkata

I know its been ages since I've written on my blog. Its not that I was not interested in doing so but there were things that kept me away from blogging. I really felt bad for doing so. Nevertheless I am back with a post that is very close to my heart.
Since the past few years whenever this handicraft fair is put up I make it a point to visit the place. Every year I really enjoy the fair thoroughly. So this year I though of why not capture these beautiful art and handicrafts in my camera and share it with all of you. These kinds of fair compels us to cherish the immense amount of talent that is present in our country. The persons who put up their stalls are mainly from the interior villages and the get hardly paid for their hard work and art they make.

Okay now lets start with the visual tour.

Now starts the actual fair...

By Far the Best (small size) Maa Durga and her Family I've seen

Jewellery Counters

Random Clicks

Till next time...take care...Bye...

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